Grizzly Pickup

  • 9.1k Bridge
  • 7.6k Neck
  • Alnico IV

Starting at $125

A slight mismatch between the scatterwound coils makes for an airy, chimey top end, with a rounder midrange than the typical PAF-style pickup, and a tight bass response, courtesy of the Alnico IV magnet. Wound with polyurethane-coated 42AWG magnet wire, for a vintage voice with a modern clarity. The bridge position roars with enough cut for any mix, while the neck can deliver heavenly clean tones as well as violin-like sustain on overdriven solos. The perfect pickup for any style of rock, with enough personality to be useful for anything from jazz to super-shred heavy metal.

All our pickups are wax potted. If you do not want your pickups potted, let us know when ordering.

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