About us

After years of experience building and repairing guitars, I came up with the concept for this company, which is to offer a superior quality guitar, made in the USA, with the best quality parts and wood, built to suit the player’s needs. Whether you need a basic, utilitarian workhorse for the road with only an on/off switch instead of four volume and tone knobs, or a beautiful flamed top guitar with every push/pull circuit imaginable for the studio, you can get it here for much less than most American builders.

We offer an extraordinary value for a custom instrument because our shop is set up in a way where we are able to hold off on differentiating each guitar for it’s specific customer until later points in the build process, making it easy to produce a relatively high volume of individually customized guitars. I believe that anyone shelling out the money for a high quality musical instrument should be able to customize it to suit their needs, without added custom shop fees that can double or triple the price.