Bigfoot Pickup


One of the hottest pickups on the planet! Like an avalanche obliterating all in its path, this pickup is an uncompromising force of nature. The Bigfoot boasts an almost unnecessary amount of power, and is not for the faint of heart! 20K ohms resistance with 43AWG magnet wire will make your guitar ooze with syrupy midrange, while the ceramic magnet drops an atomic bomb of treble and bass to balance it out. For guitarists looking to absolutely crush the input of their preamp and melt faces, and marinate in extraterrestrial overtones and harmonic bliss. To quote Yngwie Malmsteen, “How can less be more? Only more is more!”

50mm is generally correct for guitars with tune-o-matic bridges, 53mm for hardtail, Fender-style, or locking trem bridges. Feel free to email with any questions!