Baphomet Pickup

  • 12k Bridge
  • 10k Neck
  • Ceramic

Starting at $135

This is the be all, end all pickup for players who want the abrasiveness of an active, but the dynamics of a passive. Ceramic magnets and rail-type polepieces make for an attack like an icepick, and the modestly wound 42AWG magnet wire mixes in the full mids and stop-on-a-dime bass response. Perfect for thrash and death metal, but the Baphomet actually excels in any rock application where power and clarity are desired.

Please note that the Baphomet is a rail-style pickup, which means any covers will not have holes in them, since there are no polepieces to adjust.

All our pickups are wax potted. If you do not want your pickups potted, let us know when ordering.

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