- If you absolutely need this instrument by a specific date, DON'T place a custom order. Check out our list of dealers to see what's in stock now! Nothing makes the build process less enjoyable for us than feeling rushed, and a hastily made instrument is never the best one.

- In almost ten years in business and (if our math is right) a couple thousand guitars, no one has ever NOT received their completed custom order. So even if we are running late, please be aware that we have never not delivered. If we are slow to respond to emails or running behind schedule, it is because we are busy making guitars, or running late because we're answering your emails.

- Feel free to email us to check in, but please be understanding if we do not reply right away. The act of looking up an order number and seeing where it's at in the build queue, coming up with a very arbitrary guesstimate on when it will be done, and typing that out in an email only takes about ten minutes, but if we get six of those in one day, that's an hour out of a work day not spent concentrating on making excellent guitars. 

- Please be aware that all deposits are NON-refundable! In the event that you do not want your guitar when it is finished, we can list it for sale for you and refund your deposit once it has sold.

- We do not accept returns unless there is sizeable shipment damage, or if a new product is defective beyond what is considered repairable by a local tech (for example, a guitar needs a setup or electronics looked at after shipment). Used and B-stock items are not returnable unless in a different condition than described. No return will be accepted after 7 days from which you receive it.

- If you are outside of the US, please be aware you may be liable for some amount of import tax/duty! We do not pay for this, and are not experts on every country's policy, so please do your own research on this before placing the order. 

- We are reasonable and honest people, willing to help you with any issues that may arise. The above listed terms are here just to ensure we are not taken advantage of. :)

- We make every pickup to order, and they usually ship within a week or two. And we ship Tuesdays. We don’t work on weekends. We are a small shop and we take time to make things correctly according to your custom needs. If you want something next day, call your Sweetwater rep.