Jazz(r)size Slugwolf
Jazz(r)size Slugwolf
Jazz(r)size Slugwolf

Jazz(r)size Slugwolf

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Our Slugwolf pickup, housed in a JM size cover! Perfect for those who want to replace their Jazzmaster pickups with a humbucker. 


Essentially the same pickup as the Direwolf, but with two slug bobbins instead of a screw and a slug. I’ve found this dials back the shrillness on the attack, while still retaining lots of chunky clarity. Truly a fantastic pickup. Slightly compressed, clear, articulate, but full and with a gnarly midrange growl. A variation on our take on the classic aftermarket, “hot rodded” pickup, with a slightly dialed down output for just the right mix of clarity and power. Slightly mismatched coils scatterwound with 43AWG magnet wire and an Alnico V magnet make for a nice sparkle on top of juicy midrange and a chunky bottom end punch. Soaring leads, raunchy rhythms, and presence in any mix characterize this amazing pickup. Great for any style of metal, rock, or fusion, but versatile enough to be utilized in any style of music.

All our pickups come with 4 conductor (red/white/black/green/bare) leads for mod wiring like coil splitting, phase, etc.

  • Alnico V magnets
  • 13.8k Bridge
  • 11.8k Neck
  • 50mm spacing