Stag Pickup

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B=13k N=7.4k A5
Piping-hot single coils with magnet rods, meant to give the articulation associated with a single coil, but with more thickness, putting it near the range of a humbucker sound. Sort of like a P90 on steroids. Each switch position offers a totally unique and engaging tonal character, and can go from clean chime in the neck or middle (both pickups), to a mid-forward "quack" in the bridge. We recommend adding a series/parallel switch (or a four way switch on one of our guitars), to enable the fourth and most insane sound of both pickups in series, creating a hum-canceling, stacked pair of the bridge and neck pickups, giving you over 20k of resistance for an absurdly thick, wide, and juicy tone that sounds great for leads, or into a distorted or fuzzed-out amp. 

comes with two conductor plus bare ground wire for series/parallel or phase switching capability.

  • Alnico V magnets
  • 13k Bridge
  • 7.4 Neck
  • 50mm spacing