Standard Custom Order Process:

1. You pick your specs on the Standard Custom build form (links to each model below), and place the order by paying the deposit through the site. Please be aware deposits are non-refundable. See our terms and conditions page at checkout for details on what we can do to help in the event that you need to cancel your order.

2. One of us will be in touch within a few business days with an official spec sheet for you to confirm we have everything entered correctly. If there are any changes you want to make, we can guide you through them at this point either over the phone or via email. After this, we cannot accept any alterations to the confirmed specs (if you must, feel free to get in touch, but in order to stay within a quick turnaround time we cannot guarantee we will be able to make changes without a delay). Once specs are confirmed with you, we will get your instrument into production, with an estimated wait time of 3-5 months (for orders placed starting March 1 2023). PLEASE DO FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ANY QUESTIONS IN ADVANCE OF PLACING YOUR ORDER, but we will not make any options available that are not listed on the Standard Custom menu. 

3. We will be in touch as the instrument reaches the final stages of production, usually a month or few weeks prior to completion, confirm your shipping address, and the balance will be due once the instrument is ready to ship!

Please use the build forms at the following links to order a USA Standard Custom:

Standard Custom Guitars

Standard Custom Basses