Yeti USA Standard

Yeti USA Standard

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The classic Dunable guitar model, revered for its perfect balance, tuning stability, and structural integrity. 
The Yeti is built for loud and clear tone from E standard all the way down to the sludgiest drop tunings, and a thin finish to let the wood resonate, as well as show off its natural character. 


Full price is $2999 usd So payment schedule would be:

Deposit (non-refundable): 50%

When guitar is done: balancehipping (unless you want to pay off sooner)


All Standard models are built-to-order! Wait times are currently 3-4 months. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to reserve the build, with the balance due when the guitar is finished. Please read our Terms and Conditions when checking out!

We are unable to offer options outside of what is listed on the USA Standard line. For a more custom spec build, please see our USA Custom Shop category!

If you don't want to wait for a customized


Choice of:

  • Dunable Pickups

  • finish color

  • hardware color

  • pickguard material

  • soft or hard case


  • 25.5” scale length

  • Right or Left Handed

  • genuine mahogany neck 

  • ebony fingerboard*

  • mahogany body

  • 10 degree tilt-back headstock w/ reinforcement volute

  • 22 jumbo nickel-silver frets

  • mother of pearl block fretboard inlay

  • luminlay side dots

  • Graph Tech Tusq nut – white or black (we will choose according to what fits the finish color)

  • medium “C” shape neck – roughly .84” thick at 1st fret, .91” at 12th

  • 1.65” nut width


  • choose from our extensive finish color menu

  • thin satin urethane finish*

  • choice of finish color


  • choice of Dunable pickups

  • 1 volume and 1 tone (CTS pots and Orange Drop capacitors)

  • push/pull tone pot for coil splitting

  • 3 way pickup toggle switch

  • Switchcraft output jack


  • Graph Tech Ratio tuning keys

  • Nashville Tune O Matic bridge

  • Stop Tailpiece


  • choice of soft case or hard case


  • choice of string gauge/setup (if other than E standard tuning)


* a note about our paint finishes on USA Standard models – We like to keep the finish as thin as possible, yet just enough to protect the wood from moisture and light physical abuse. Due to this, there is often still some wood texture in the surface of the body, neck, and headstock. The satin finish leaves the wood free to resonate fully, and feels great to play on, both on the neck and body, giving you a nice dry surface to grip.

* we generally do not reject or waste wood for naturally occurring aesthetic issues such as streaking (in ebony), or knots (on mahogany), UNLESS it is a detriment to an instrument's structural integrity. If you need your ebony fingerboard to be jet black, you might get lucky, but we can't guarantee there won't be some kind of implication that your guitar's wood grew out of the earth with unique characteristics because existence is chaotic and unpredictable, but also beautiful when you consider how insignificant any little thing you care about is, so for once in your life just revel in the magical wonder of creating music with the best playing guitar you've ever held.